Why This Blog

Welcome this is my Blog (or a attempt at one), anyways i will be giving my personal reviews on Games, mostly on from the Xbox (Xbox-one) platforms, at least for now. And product reviews for many different types of products that interest me.

The idea for Game reviews came to me while playing Battlefield-1, i noticed that this was the only popular game which depicted Indian (although a vary stereotypical version of Indian) as a choice for a game character. The typical turban wearing Indian had the snake charm replaced with a WW1 weapons, no longer is he the Yogi recluse who abandons the world to seek Nirvana, but a soldier fighting alongside the Allied forces. A somewhat un-fitting change from the more popular view of Indians in General.

I am also a affiliate to some of the products that I review. As i also need to make this blogging into a full time project, please don’t hate me for posting product reviews which i am a affiliate of, I will only review genuine products as i don’t want any of my readers to get scammed.

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