Thug Life

Tupac Shakur will be turning in his grave right now, the world of Hip Hop will crumble, Rap will no longer be cool, it will be "Indian". And we all know, anything Indian is obviously not cool. The below article from The Affluent Team, cautions us as " This is one of those stories that … Continue reading Thug Life


Apex Legends

Recently we have seen a rise in Battle Royal games, and their popularity is growing. The Night Owel's quick review of the Battle pass is a interesting read: Is the Apex Legends Battle Pass for casual gamers? — Read on This sees a uprising in the multiplayer online 3PS and FPS games, Apex Legends … Continue reading Apex Legends

The myth of ‘Hindu terror’

OM, Hinduism and What being a Hindu means to me.

This is not my usual game review blog, but this issue ties in with my concerns about Indian and Hindu representation in media. The acquittal of Swami Aseemanand and others in three cases of “Hindu terror”, including last week in the Samjhauta Express case, due to lack of evidence, demonstrates the sinister nature of the … Continue reading The myth of ‘Hindu terror’