Atheist Vs Hindu


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Just as not all religions are the same, it is also true for anyone who identifies as an Atheist, the review, concerns and arguments raised in this blog are not applicable to the entire community which self-identify as atheist #notallatheist.


This I think has been a misconception about what it means when someone claims that they are an Atheist. Theists and some Atheists make an assumption that just because a person may not have a belief in a deity of any kind, this automatically makes them more rational and logical, their arguments, opinions and even rants are lapped up by their followers as being more intelligent than the opponent. This is particularly true for Armin Navabi from the Atheist Republic.

Now that is not to say that Armin in is not Intelligent. Watching his videos on his Youtube channel, I have noticed that the live chat and comments are overwhelmingly an echo-chamber, and more of a back-patting cheer squad then actual free thinkers who question everything.

It seems if you question the opinions of Armin Navabi or Atheist Republic as a group you are shouted down and called a bigot, stupid and made to feel unintelligent & tribal. Any decent from the established Atheist republic charter and opinion, it seems is taken as an attack of a bigoted unintelligent Theist. Unless that criticism is coming from someone who is within the Exmuslim tribe, then their opinion matters.

Atheist generally do not like to be Tribal, and in their own words would like to see tribalism end. But without realising or maybe not accepting that their behaviour exhibits traits of tribalism.

I have seen videos of Atheist republic where when a “Hindutva”, person was interviewed, and in his interview he mentions the Charvaka darshan in Hinduism, Armin’s response was something to like “these are my people, not your people”, and he has said this many times before as well. This to me displays classical tribal mentality.

Armin Navabi and Suzzanna (sorry I do not know her full name), who are usually broadcasting on their Atheist republic channel, have even supported a racist theory (Aryan Migration/invasion) in one of their recent videos. This hidden racism is shown most explicitly by xenophobic and somewhat racist comments as “India is fucked”, and other demeaning and condescending comments in their live chats about Hindus and Indians.

I hate to say it, but even “The Atheist Experience”, Youtube channel have made comments and videos titled “Hindus get their wacky on”, so this to me shows a wider Anti-Indian and Anti-Hindu rhetoric from the Atheist community.

Now you might say “they are atheist, this is what is to be expected”, which is true in the sense if they were questioning or attacking Hindu Beliefs, to me the comments, and presentations of Hinduism from Atheist Republic suggest that when it comes to Hindus, attacking the People is acceptable, but when it comes to other religions they say “Attack ideas, not people”, they question a Muslims belief not the Muslim, but when a Hindu says “I don’t believe in the Cast system”, they try to label him/her as “Hindutva”, or simply as someone who does not believe in Hinduism, and in turn trying to “educate”, the Hindu about his/her own religion, and how just because you are a Hindu, you have to accept the Cast system.

This is implicitly done and sometimes explicitly, watch more than 50 of Atheist republic videos on this topic and you will see what I am talking about.

It seems Atheist Republic is getting a lot of their information about what Hindus as people do from Indian News articles, now, news articles are not intended (or should not be) intended to question a persons belief, News is News, but when you have to use a news article, to form an opinion about a belief system, then I find that to be quite shallow and incorrect. This I think is true for any belief system.

I have heard Atheists usually say something like “We Mock the ideas, not the people”, and “you are nothing but your Brain”, but what does this mean if we apply common sense to these ideas? The Ideas being Mocked is in your brain, and it is the brain which makes you the person you are. So, are they mocking you as a person, or your ideas?


“All Hindus believe in the Caste system”, and if you do not believe in the Caste system of Hinduism, and are still calling yourself a Hindu, you are not classified by Atheists as being a Hindu, or a believing Hindu. You are either seen as “Hindutva”, or just plain Stupid.

But it does not stop there, all rational, philosophical, logical ideas and practices of Hinduism is not actually Hindu, its Western European Enlightenment, but all Caste, Anti-women, Anti-Muslim and Irrationality and superstitions are Hinduism, So Hindus who go against these irrational illogical superstitions are actually not Hindus.

But there is more, if you identify as a “Hindu Atheist”, because you don’t agree with cast or other “Hindu”, ideas, you are still illogical because to many Atheist there cannot be a Hindu + Atheist, these two are mutually exclusive in their world, because “Hindu”, means Cast system, Atheist mean not Hindu, so you are left with having to dump “Hindu”, from your identity.

And that “Dumping of Identity”, is the purpose of their entire agenda, Why? Because they are Always Right.

As Atheist regard themselves as superior and more intelligent (Atheist Republic have said this many times on their channel), they want you the backward, superstitious, brown, downtrodden, poor, castist Hindu to become more like them, they want you to stop bowing to your Gods, and start worshipping and idolising Them.

Fist they Make Hinduism what they want it to be, by labelling the Good ideas as not Hindu, then label all Bad ideas as Hinduism, then tell anyone who calls themselves as a Hindu, that you believe in Bad ideas.

By removing and appropriating the “Good”, from Hinduism, what they are doing is what the old saying goes “what is mine is mine, What is yours is ours”, like Yoga, Meditation etc is for everyone, but enlighten values are Western European not yours, but Cast, that is not ours, that is yours intrinsically, no Hindu can escape it.

Just like if you are white Christian male, you must be and are a racist.
We should all hate ourselves, for things we do not even believe, guilt by association.


Atheist Republic, and other Atheists have not clearly defined Hinduism, what they have done is come up with a New definition of Hinduism, bereft from what many Hindus call Hinduism.

Hinduism is defined as Castes, Backward, Unscientific, Illogical, and immoral, with many Gods. It is seen as similar to other religions, by finding parallels or equivalents, these parallels and equivalents are found by reducing and simplifying Hindu ideas by removing context and removing any traditional interpretations.

Once Hinduism becomes similar to other religions, all texts become scripture, once all text is scripture, any disagreement or “bad”, within that text becomes coupled with Hindu beliefs which are then seen as beliefs based on Hindu scripture.

Take Manusmriti for example, it is traditionally classified as “smriti”, not “Shruti”, But because it has been re-defined by Atheists as “scripture”, it gets to become the rank of other religious scriptures such as the Bible.

The Veda’s become Scriptural texts that Hindus must “believe”, it becomes “commandments”, to live your life, and the “holy”, books of the Hindus.
So, all texts become as “proof”, that Hinduism is like any other religion, because they also have “scriptures”, and just like other religions they have the same problems.
Atheists have made Hinduism into one singular religion, it may have different beliefs within it, but it is treated as one single religion.

But like other religions, there are extremists, moderates and reformists in them, so they find “Hindutva”, and treat it as the equal to groups and ideologies like Taliban or Nazism.
Now because Hindutva is anti-cast, they have to find the political and sociological “evils”, in it. Things like Nationalism, Anti-Muslim bigotry, fundamentalism, Racism.
Then any Hindu who is patriotic, conservative, and most importantly supports the BJP political party, is labelled as a Hindutva Moron, and therefore can be easily dismissed as unworthy or being taken seriously. What they are doing is creating a Hindu/Hindutva strawman, which they can bash.


Don’t you stupid, poor, uneducated, hate filled, Brahmanism, superstitious, dumb Hindutva morons know your own religion? Does an enlightened, intelligent, and liberal Atheist from a superior western culture, who being much more logical and reasonable then you, have to hold your hand and drag your childish, immoral and rapist people to Western modernity?

This is the message you get, from watching the Atheist Republic Channel. All the above are all words are used to describe/label Hindus and Atheists in the many videos and comments on the Atheist republic.

Atheist Republic has copped a fair bit of backlash from what they term as “Hindutva”, Morons. Especially after posting the #sexykali pics on Twitter.
So, you should not silence them. Let them speak, even if it is lies and prejudices, even if it borders on racism, xenophobia, and hatred.

Don’t try to stop them, but do what many have done, which is trying to analyse what they say and call out the inaccuracies, these are just people, and people will correct themselves if we can get our point across without personal attacks.

There is a saying in the Mahabharata “Ignorance is death, freedom (moksha/mukti) from death (ignorance) is Immortality”,

There is so much more that I want to say, but I don’t have the time or the energy anymore to pick out every single comment, every single video and interview, people need to listen closely, and decide for themselves.

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