How to Start a Online Business

The Situation

How to Start a Online Business

In these uncertain times your comfort zone has taken a hit, the world is a different place, for many people uncertainty brings anxiety and stress. As the world is witnessing a drastic change and disruption to all facets of our modern lives, one aspect of our everyday normal routine has been changed more drastically then others. I am talking about “work” and as many of us know and have heard in the past six months, huge numbers of people have been left jobless or have been given stand down orders.

As of July 2020 in Australia the rates stands at the number of unemployed people increasing by 15,700 people, the unemployment rate increasing by less than 0.1 percentage points (pts) to 7.5%. This is contrasted with the under-utilisation rate decreasing by 0.4 pts to 18.7%, the participation rate increasing 0.6 pts to 64.7%; and the employment to population ratio increasing 0.5 pts to 59.8%.

Now this data is from the Australian government website, and frankly i don’t know if this is good news or bad news. It seems to me that people are finding work, which is good, but the bad news that i personally see here is that people are FORCED to find work that may put them into a cycle of the “9 to 5” with maybe less money in their pocket but worst, its the uncertainty of loosing that job again, the uncertainty still remains. We are already seeing a second wave of Covid-19 in New South Wales and Victoria is locked down for 6 weeks. So is your new found job still secure?

Look i know we need Jobs, and i am not against having a Job if it means security and prosperity even if the future prospects are uncertain, so keep your Job and work hard. But is there something that you can do that will help you in increasing your skill level and be a source of additional income as well? well there is not just one thing but there is a whole world of opportunity just waiting for you. Thanks to the “internet”, i can have a 9 to 5 Job in Sydney, and have a drop shipping side business selling T-shirts my customers in the USA, that is the power of the “internet”. This is the power and freedom of having a online business presence.

Luckily i started my online drop shipping business in early 2019, i taught myself how to create a website in Shopify, source drop ship products, find suppliers, setup marketing in Facebook and Google and how to sell and most importantly who to sell it to. Mind you it was so hard and it was a major learning curve, as i had no website design let alone drop shipping experience at all. From there i also learnt about many other business and low cost startup opportunities that were always available to me, all i had to do was sit down and just “DO IT”. Now i have 3 Shopify Stores, One Blog and i sell on etsy and on amazon. it probably does not sound like much, but its better then what I had 12 months ago, which was “nothing”. I know that there are many hard working, everyday people who are struggling to secure a income, and for them getting a Job is the best option right now in this situation.

So here i will try to present the first step for anyone who wants to know how to start a online business in Australia or anywhere else.

Start a online business

1-The Need

The foremost step in how to start a online business is necessity, the need to start a online business is not only about you and your “needs”, but to have a idea about what others “need”. Now needing is quite different from wanting, wanting something is about desire, its about your passion. While needing something is about necessity, its a absolute requirement, like we need to have a roof over our heads, we need to eat, sleep, breath. But wanting is not a absolute necessity, we want to eat good food, we want a 5 bedroom house. Therefore our Needs come first and wants are secondary.

“Needs are imposed by nature. Wants are sold by society.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Now ask yourself this : Do I need to start a online business or Do i want to start a online business?

The answer to this question will be the fundamental factor in every decision you make, not only for you in your personal decision making about your online business but it will be and should be the basis of the type of business that you want to engage in.

If in your personal life, you can differentiate between your “needs”, and your “wants”, then in your professional life you should use the same principle to determine what is it exactly that is the need of your customers or clients. Once you have established this simple yet life-changing mindset, your decision-making skills will be improved by being guided by your core principle of “Need”.

This first step to internalise the idea of “needs” and “wants” is key in understanding your future goals and is essential and a necessary skill to have, before knowing how to start your online business, you should have a firm grasp of the why.

How to go about having a “need”, mentality? it is simple, just look at what is needed and compared to what is wanted, then act on the necessary need of the moment without wasting your energy on the desires of the moment, train you’re through the process to discriminate between these two poles, and your perception of your environment will change, your ethics will change and your self-identity will be established.

Once you are confident in your self, and you have a good idea about the situation and the action required in any particular situation, you will find that you are more productive and your vision has more clarity to take you in the right direction by the means of your decision-making skills.

And remember nothing is perfect, if you are looking for that perfect idea, or that perfect online business that ticks all the boxes, then in my opinion you will delay your own success.

Make it a habit in your life to always gravitate towards what is needed in life rather then what is desired, both will present itself to you in your life journey, it’s your choice in the end.

The need of today’s situation is support, refuge, shelter, dependence, wealth, prosperity, and trust. People we know and people we don’t know have these needs, when you are trying to figure out the difference between Needs and Wants keep these ideas in mind, it may help you to solve someone eases problem and will guide and provide ideas and an ethical basis for your new venture, that is if you decide to start an online business or any business at all. I think the answer to these problems is humility, compassion, respect, and empathy. Any service you provide for your fellow living beings, as a business or as an individual, should be based on these ethical principals.

From a Hindu Perspective, all actions should be performed in harmony with the nature of the self, and one should always consider the other as but an extension of one’s own Self.

2-The Self

The second is a necessity in of itself, I am talking about who you are? so, who are you? well, this is a thousand-year-old question, and how does it relate to owning or starting your online business? Simple, Who is looking to start a business online? What I mean by this is you should first get to know your own self, you should first evaluate your own skill sets, write down your weakness and prepare your attitude for success, evaluate who and where you want to be in the far or near future. You need to first know who you are from the deepest darkest depth of your mind.

Do you have biases, do you have a attitude that may get in your way of being a successful person. Now i am in no position to give you any pointers in how to do this self evaluation of who you are, because i am not you.

So sit somewhere and meditate, the more you go in your self, the more you can see who you are.


Now here are some practical online business models that can get you started or give you at least a idea of what options are available, these suggestion is not the only option, there are plenty more to do as a business online. I will only here suggest models that can be perused without the need of a physical product, that you need to sell, these online business models are more likely to be structured in a “Need”, basis rather then a “Want”, basis, these can be pursued with the ethical approach that i have advocated above. And i will focus on the financial aspect of a business as well.

Business Model 1 – Creating And Selling Digital Products
Creating and selling your own digital products is an amazing way to start building a business presence online. The ability to take your own knowledge, skills, and expertise and charge money for it is an amazing feeling and one of the best business models in the online world. To top it off selling your own products is a high profit business model. It is
very cheap to start a business like this and you can make great money doing it.
The common types of digital products include:

● Short video courses
● Audio courses
● Online interactive courses
● In-depth home study courses
● Books and ebooks

Pros of this business model:
● Low start-up costs
● High profit business model
● Minimal time and labor time spent after product is created

Cons of this business model:
● Requires skill, expertise, or knowledge on your topic
● Lots of skills needed to sell digital products
● Takes a bit of time to start
Overall this is one of the top online business models.

Business Model 2 – Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a business model in which you promote other people’s products and earn an affiliate commission for promoting it. For example: You could promote someone else’s course on “how to get six pack abs.” and earn a commission on every sale you refer to the product vendor. This is a great business model for beginners that are just getting started as you don’t need a bunch of knowledge and skills. As an affiliate you simply
refer traffic to the vendor and let the vendor handle the rest of the work.

Pros of this business model:
● Can be ran in just a few hours a day
● Quick and easy to start
● Low startup costs

Cons of this business model:
● Sending your buyers and traffic to another product vendor
● Only receive partial commissions on sales made
● No control over sales materials and product content

Overall this is a great business model for anyone getting start with an
online business. As you get more experienced as an affiliate marketer you
can transition into one of the other business models.

Business Model 3 – Membership Sites
Membership sites are a great online business model because they bring in monthly recurring income. Most membership sites have a monthly fee which means a steady stream of monthly income! For example: if you have 100 people paying you $47 a month you have a $4,700 per month online income. With a membership site you can quickly
build a substantial online income! Running an online membership business is similar to creating and selling your own products but instead of a one-time fee you charge monthly. In addition you also release new content monthly to entice members to continue being part of your membership.

Pros of this business model:
● Recurring Income
● High profit business model
● Low time investment

Cons of this business model:

Harder to sell
● Complex setup
● Ongoing work needed

Business Model 4 – Coaching
Coaching is an amazing online business model. With a little bit of skill or expertise you can start a successful coaching business. The key to running a successful coaching business is helping people solve a problem in a group or 1 to 1 coaching environment. Coaching can be similar to a digital product as you are walking someone through a particular process and helping them get results. However, with coaching you are working with them closely and walking them through each step. One of the major benefits of running a coaching business is that coaching programs demand a premium price as they are very effective. It’s often easier to get your customers and clients results when working with them directly. The major downside to the coaching business model is the time invested. Coaching clients can require a lot of time which makes it not as scale-able as
some of the other business models.

Pros of this business model:
● Demands a premium price
● Very effective for getting your clients and customers results
● Very rewarding

Cons of this business model:

Very time consuming
● Harder to scale
● Requires patience and effective communication skills as you will be
working directly with clients

Business Model 5 – Services
Last but not least you have the services online business model. A Service is in when you handle tasks or provide labor for others. Here are some service based online business types:

● Content writing
● Search engine Optimization
● Technical and administrative services
● Pay Per Click Advertising
● And many more!

A service based online business model can be very effective as you can charge a premium price for services. However, services are often a lot of work and very time consuming.
Pros of this business model:
● Demands a premium price
● Premium positioning in your marketplace
● Can lead to long-term clients and referrals
Cons of this business model:
● Often requires special skills or technical abilities
● Harder to scale

Another Con is Requires patience and effective communication skills as you will be
working directly with clients and fulfilling their requirements.

The Next Step

<p id="start-Online-Business" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><br>Now it is time to choose the best business model for you to launch your online business!
Now it is time to choose the best business model for you to launch your online business!

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