“God”, is not my cup of tea..

Abraham's God, Not my God. Why God is overrated


I am a passionate and proud Hindu, so don’t assume that this post is a “I’m not a Hindu anymore”, kinda of statement.

When discussing or debating with people, as soon as people mention or ask about “God”, or “gods”, i tend to loose interest in the conversation, because I know that “God”,to me is not the same as Deva/Devi Vishnu/Shiva ect ect, so if someone asks me if i worship God, i would say no but i do Puja to Kali, and that confuses people because not many people see the differences.

I find that many people blurt out “God”, without thinking that it may mean nothing to the other person, it would be like me going up to a Christian or Jew and saying “do you worship Vishnu”,? Or if i ask Muslims “Why does Vishnu hate Kafirs”?.

But why do Hindus mention “God” as if it is a concept within Hinduism? Why do Hindus have to establish the Godliness of Vishnu/Shiva Deva/Agni ect ect, I have had Hindus ask me “So your a Bhakt of God Hanuman”, and i say no just a Bhakt of Hanuman and the reply comes “Yes that’s what i meant, the God Hanuman”?

Even if one says that i use the word “God”, to mean Ishvar, I would say why don’t just use Ishvar?

And its not just the word that does not sit well with me, it is the entire concept/history/theology that comes with it, i don’t see it as having any relation to what Hindu Dharmah is teaching.

Many Hindus assume a God that is hiding up in the sky, many will say God is “truth”, and “truth is in the secret space in our heart, but to me truth is not hidden at all, nor is it a God, i know of my mother and She is the Param Bhagvan and Maha Devi to me, right here, in this life i can take Darshan of her anytime. This is Devi to me, as for God, i don’t know, if you call my mother God i don’t mind.

Ishvar is not equivalent to the Abrahamic notion of Monotheistic God, because it does not exclude the existence of the Eternal Atman, Karma, Dharmah, PunarJanma, Deva and Devi nor Murthi Puja, Ishvara may not have a specific Murthi but there is no taboo (Or commandment from Ishvar) in worshipping Ishvar through a Murthi.

That is the difference, so if anyone is talking about “God”, but is actually describing Ishvar, this is where i would interject and say, why not just say Ishvar instead of God.

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