Rich Minds

In this Long reads article, there are some great insides into the minds of the ultra Rich and also those who wish they were ultra rich, like your truly.

My Favourite quote is below, and this “double consciousness”, thing really speaks to the mindset that many Indians and Hindus have about themselves:

To recognize this, as a rich person, you need to have a sort of reverse double consciousness. “Double consciousness” originates with W. E. B. Du Bois, one of the founders of the NAACP, who coined it in 1897 as one way to describe the experience of  being an African American in a white supremacist world. In The Atlantic Monthlyhe defined it as, “…this sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others….” The concept is based on being oppressed.

If you would like more please see the article linked below.

A Rich Awakening
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Now the article is more detailed and you do have to read it to understand gist of it. I have fallen into the trap myself, I tend to (or at least previously did) blame the “rich”, for all our troubles, i was part of the crowd that wanted to Tax the rich more, i wanted the Government to go heavy on the rich, as i saw that being rich was some kind of evil.

Now this did not come from my upbringing, as i was raised in a traditional Hindu house hold, the idea of being “rich”, was a good and acceptable outlook to have , this was more a social attitude i had when i was young, and may readers will agree that as we age, we become more wiser to certain situations in life. I think that i have become more “wiser”, to my attitude towards the wealthy in general.

Now i do understand that there are those of the “rich crowd”, that do deserve public scrutiny, there have been may cases of “white collar”, crime in many countries across the globe.

As Hindus, we should appreciate and admire the hard work many successful people put in to achieve what they desire. The four goals in our life (artha, kama, Dharma and Moksha) does include both Artha and Kama, that is wealth/success and desires, so as a Hindu i don’t see a reason to be disrespectful to any person who are just trying to fulfil their own Artha and Kama (Wealth, Desire) needs.

In turn as Hindus we should be head strong in pursuing our own Artha and Kama, but as Hindus we have the overriding ethical responsibility (Dharma) that governs the means of acquiring both Wealth and Desires.

As Hindus we should be the ideals for gaining wealth, success, desires, needs and wants but doing it with Dharma in mind. We should not sacrifice Dharma, that is to say that wealth and success should not come at the cost of our social and ethical responsibility (Dharm).

Mahatma Gandi once said “poverty is the worst form of violence”, as Hindus we should practice our highest Dharma, which is Ahimsa, and do our best to minimise harm in any venture we take.

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