Thug Life

Tupac Shakur will be turning in his grave right now, the world of Hip Hop will crumble, Rap will no longer be cool, it will be “Indian”. And we all know, anything Indian is obviously not cool.

The below article from The Affluent Team, cautions us as ”
This is one of those stories that should make you think twice before using names loosely until you know its history.”

Which brings us to a question, How much of Indian influence of culture/myth and language is permeating through the modern western culture/language and Myths, I think we should also ask how Indian is the west? rather then how Westernised are Indians.

The Curious History of the Word ‘Thug’

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So sorry Mr Pac, but you actually had no idea that the original “OG’s, were actually Indians, but we can relate in some way to the “Thug Life”, of the original and the modern proponents of Thugism. There was a struggle to survive and a fight against a more larger and well organised crime syndicate (The east India company) for the original Thag’s, the modern word “Thug Life”, which is described as “the determined and resilient attitude to succeed in life in spite of racism and injustice“, fits in well with the original struggles of the “Thagee”, tribe in India during the Inglorious British rule.

We should be aware of our History, and as Indians and Non Indians should recognise that what we have today, is built on the sacrifices and struggles of our forefathers of the past.

Rest in peace 2 Pac, and the Thagees of the past.

A photograph of a group of elderly men sitting on a mat, taken in Peshawar, now in Pakistan, circa 1865. Two of the men are looking at each other with contempt, suggesting that they may actually be enemies who have been persuaded to be photographed together as examples of native “thugs.”
Getty Images

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