The myth of ‘Hindu terror’

OM, Hinduism and What being a Hindu means to me.

This is not my usual game review blog, but this issue ties in with my concerns about Indian and Hindu representation in media.

The acquittal of Swami Aseemanand and others in three cases of “Hindu terror”, including last week in the Samjhauta Express case, due to lack of evidence, demonstrates the sinister nature of the plot to paint Hindu terror as a threat to the “idea of India”. – Minhaz Merchant

“The Myth of Hindu terror” or most recent political incarnation as “saffron terror”, is a sinister attempt of some political parties in India to portray Hindus and Hinduism as also being on par with the Islamic terrorist.

In the below article Minhaz Merchant give us a glimpse of the word play that surrounds the entire issue of “terror”, it seems to many non Muslims, that is the terrorist screams “Allah Hu Akbar”, before committing an act of terrorism, then most liberal and left media are quick to denounce the act as anything to do with Islam, and we hear that “terrorism has no religion”, but when a non Muslim commits a crime the same people are quick to give it a religious label.

Many may have noticed, that when the 40+ Indian’s were brutally bombed in Kashmir by Islamic terrorist, and then the retaliation of the Indian defence force, the media in the west was only repeating the Pakistani side of the story, painting Pakistan as a victim of cross border bombing by India. Many media outlets in the west and even in India were and still are questioning and doubting if Indian forces even did any damage.

This disbelief in India and its credibility by most of the western media shows that there is somewhat of a bias in the western world about India and Indians, and if the Indian political parties put fuel to fire with wild claims of Hindu Terror or Saffron Terror, this is what strengthens the prejudices and solidifies misconceptions, because if Indians are calling it Hindu Terror, then who are non Indians to question the claim?

Link to original is below.

The Congress-created myth of ‘Hindu terror’ – Minhaz Merchant— Read on

Assemanand has worked in Bengal, and North-eastern states, but his major work has been in the Dangs area of Gujarat, Andaman islands and in Jharkhand 

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