Apex Legends

Recently we have seen a rise in Battle Royal games, and their popularity is growing.

The Night Owel’s quick review of the Battle pass is a interesting read:

Is the Apex Legends Battle Pass for casual gamers?

— Read on thelatenightsession.com/2019/03/29/is-the-apex-legends-battle-pass-for-casual-gamers/

This sees a uprising in the multiplayer online 3PS and FPS games, Apex Legends being one of a few greats in the past couple of years.

We had PUBG and Fortnite, still hugely popular with a avid fan base.

While PUBG is more in the realistic realm, Fortine is more cartoony, that is why i prefer PUBG over it.

Image source

I dont know what to make of Apex as yet, it is not cartoony yet it is not realistic, i would say it is futuristic in its graphics and game play. Although this new game might take a lot of players away from Fortnite, i personally don’t think that the avid PUBG player will be inclined to switch.

Maybe i will just wait for the next big Battle royal to come out, it seems like its a ever expanding genre.

PS; Firestorm is Here…

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