“God”, is not my cup of tea..

Abraham's God, Not my God. Why God is overrated

Namaste, I am a passionate and proud Hindu, so don't assume that this post is a "I'm not a Hindu anymore", kinda of statement. When discussing or debating with people, as soon as people mention or ask about "God", or "gods", i tend to loose interest in the conversation, because I know that "God",to me … Continue reading “God”, is not my cup of tea..

Sanat-Sujata Mahabharata

I did a post years ago in a religions forum about Sanat Sujata from the Mahabharata, After taking advice from Vidura (which is known as VidurNiti) Dhritarashtra seeks the rishi Sanat Sujata, and this following conversation emerges. This is a interesting conversation, and i see some Vedanta ideas flowing from the great Rishis advise. The … Continue reading Sanat-Sujata Mahabharata

The sham sharma show

http://www.youtube.com/watch Another excellent video by Sham, pleases watch and share I have been a avid supporter of the Sham Sharma Show, these kinds of podcasts and you tube channels are balanced and provide a rational Hindu Indian view on current affairs and matters relating to India and its current state of affairs. There is a … Continue reading The sham sharma show

Yaksha Prasnah – Mahabharata

In the Mahabharata, there is a episode when the brothers and companions of Yudhishthira are poisoned by a Yaksha, to bring them back to life Yudhishthira has to answer some questions posed by the Yaksha. What we can learn from the questions and answers in general is that both the one asking questions and the … Continue reading Yaksha Prasnah – Mahabharata

Hindu Marriage

Hindu Marriage and Ceremony, Same Sex Marriage or Heterosexual Marriage in Hinduism

There has been a lot of Debate/Discussion on Marriage in the previous months, I thought i would post a discussion of Marriage according to Hindu Shastras/View, and my personal perspective on certain matters. Please feel free to discuss. As per my limited knowledge, Marriage in the Hindu tradition is largely (But not exclusively), a family … Continue reading Hindu Marriage

How to recondition batteries at home.

How to fix a dead Battery, Bring any Battery back to life, never buy Batteries again.

How much do you spend on Batteries for your Console game controller? I spend huge amounts on my rechargeable batteries, and on new batteries as well. Do you have any idea of how much money you waste on Batteries just for your controller, remote or the wall clock? Is there a better way to not … Continue reading How to recondition batteries at home.