How to Start a Online Business

The Situation In these uncertain times your comfort zone has taken a hit, the world is a different place, for many people uncertainty brings anxiety and stress. As the world is witnessing a drastic change and disruption to all facets of our modern lives, one aspect of our everyday normal routine has been changed more … Continue reading How to Start a Online Business

Sanat-Sujata Mahabharata

I did a post years ago in a religions forum about Sanat Sujata from the Mahabharata, After taking advice from Vidura (which is known as VidurNiti) Dhritarashtra seeks the rishi Sanat Sujata, and this following conversation emerges. This is a interesting conversation, and i see some Vedanta ideas flowing from the great Rishis advise. The … Continue reading Sanat-Sujata Mahabharata

“God”, is not my cup of tea..

Abraham's God, Not my God. Why God is overrated

Namaste, I am a passionate and proud Hindu, so don't assume that this post is a "I'm not a Hindu anymore", kinda of statement. When discussing or debating with people, as soon as people mention or ask about "God", or "gods", i tend to loose interest in the conversation, because I know that "God",to me … Continue reading “God”, is not my cup of tea..

How to grow an Online Business

Following on from my previous post about How to start a Business plan, this post covers few aspect of how to scale and grow your online business. If you are a online business owner or even if you are a new comer to the Online Business scene, scaling and growth of your business should be … Continue reading How to grow an Online Business

Basics Of Timber Doors

Continuing on from my previous post about the Basics of Door hardware, this post is a quick overview of Timber doors on a Australian Commercial Project, I will not include information about Windows or Glazed doors here as I have not much experience with them. This information is a simple guide and is not fully … Continue reading Basics Of Timber Doors

Basics of Door, Frames and Hardware

Being in the Doors, Frames and Hardware Contracting industry for 15 years, I have decided to post some Basic information on Doors, Door frames and Door hardware relating to the Australian Commercial Doors and Hardware Industry. As i work in Australia so the Jargon used here for Door hardware may be different to those in … Continue reading Basics of Door, Frames and Hardware

The sham sharma show Another excellent video by Sham, pleases watch and share I have been a avid supporter of the Sham Sharma Show, these kinds of podcasts and you tube channels are balanced and provide a rational Hindu Indian view on current affairs and matters relating to India and its current state of affairs. There is a … Continue reading The sham sharma show